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    Rajabazar Science College

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    About TEQIP

    Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) was envisaged as a long-term programme of about 10-12 years duration to be implemented in 2-3 phases for transformation of the Technical Education System with the World Bank assistance.

    As per TEQIP design, each phase is required to be designed on the basis of lessons learnt from the implementation of an earlier phase. TEQIP-I started a reform process in 127 Institutions. The reform process needs to be sustained and scaled-up for embedding gains in the system and taking the transformation to a higher level. To continue the development activities initiated through TEQIP-I, a sequel Project is planned as TEQIP-II.
    (source: http://www.npiu.nic.in)

    Calcutta University has been one of the 127 institutions selected for TEQIP Phase  I for which an MOU was signed between The State of West Bengal and Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Calcutta University on 29th November, 2004. The TEQIP Phase  I ended successfully in March 2008.

    Based on the performance in the first phase, Calcutta University has been again selected for TEQIP Phase  II as per letter to the institute from the SPFU & DTE, West Bengal (Memo No., dated 4th November, 2010 . An MOU to this effect has been signed between The State of West Bengal and Calcutta University on 6th September, 2011.

    The broad objectives of Calcutta University for TEQIP Phase II are:

    1. Scaling-up postgraduate education and demand-driven Research & Development and Innovation,
    2. Establishing Centers of Excellence for focused applicable research,
    3. Training of faculty for effective Teaching, and
    4. Enhancing Institutional and System Management effectiveness.

    Vision of Faculty of Engineering and Technology
    • Will be a national and international model of excellence for challenging; Learner-cantered academic and professional activities that will be achieve the highest level of intellectual excellence, embrace diversity, and inspire confidence within a diverse collaborative researchenvironment.
    • Whose members shall share a passion for research, teaching, professional excellence, entrepreneurial aptitude and lifelong learning with an abiding commitment to society.
    • And whose members shall generate creative activity that will promote a strong tradition of intellectual academic delivery, professional-cum managerial skills and application of knowledge in a diverse and changing national and international scenario through research and development.

    Mission of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology
    • The mission is to enhance the quality of educational delivery through accessible, comprehensive, responsive research oriented training.
    • Creating opportunities for faculty to acquire and develop professional knowledge, entrepreneurial aptitude and skills, managerial, personal and social attitudes highly ethical and moral values.
    • Creating efficient and sustained research resources through national and international collaborations to fulfil the life- long learning needs and aspirations of faculty in a diverse range of settings.
    • Satisfying the ever- changing needs of the nation with respect to the evolution and absorption Of cutting edge technologies for effective co-creation of knowledge based society in the era of global competitiveness.

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