• Deaths from Weed

    Weed is one of the most widely used drug around the world. Much of its usage has however been considered illegal due to the ban on it by several countries. Over the past few years however, there has been a raging debate over its medicinal and recreational importance. This debate has further resulted in the warming up of some states in the U.S., to legalizing it for either medicinal or recreational purposes, or both. Much of the debate ranging from the benefits and risk caused by weed has narrowed down to the health impacts. The proponents of its legalization hold onto the fact that there has never been any reported death caused by weed. The main question therefore, is, how many people have died from weed.

    Well, based on various findings and scientific proof, there has been no reported deaths of weed users. The chances of probability of dying from weed usage has hence been confirmed to be extremely low. Studies have additionally indicated that there is indeed no difference in the mortality rates of smokers and nonsmokers of weed, meaning that it has no impact towards that direction. While this is the case however, death can result from the resultant effects of its usage. Once people smoke weed, they get intoxicated or simply, high. Individuals high on weed might end up engaging in very dangerous acts, which might place their lives and those of others, at great risk.

    While some might think that heavy weed usage might kill, it is not the case, unless the meaning of ‘huge’ in this case is of astronomical proportions. A finding revealed that for one to actually be at risk of death from weed consumption, he or she has to smoke a thousand times the normal dosage. This is the amount needed, to potentially, not actually, put someone at risk of death. It is therefore a clear indication that such a death is very rare, almost impossible.

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