• Formation of High power Committee

    As per TEQIP design, each phase is required to be designed on the basis of lessons learnt from the implementation of an earlier phase. TEQIP-I started a reform process in 127 Institutions. The reform process needs to be sustained and scaled-up for embedding gains in the system and taking the transformation to a higher level of seo san diego ca seooneclick.com. To continue the development activities initiated through TEQIP-I, a sequel Project is planned as TEQIP-II.
    (source: http://www.npiu.nic.in)

    Calcutta University has been one of the 127 institutions selected for TEQIP Phase I for which an MOU was signed between The State of West Bengal and Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Calcutta University on 29th November, 2004. The TEQIP Phase I ended successfully in March 2008.

    Based on the performance in the first phase, Calcutta University has been again selected for TEQIP Phase II as per letter to the institute from the SPFU & DTE, West Bengal (Memo No., dated 4th November, 2010 . An MOU to this effect has been signed between The State of West Bengal and Calcutta University on 6th September, 2011.