Sanctioned Project(TEQIP Phase II)

Sl No.
Project Name
1Raka KunduA.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnologyDr.Amlan ChkrabortyComputer-aided Quantification of Human Spine Osteophyte through Image Processing
2Mainak PalitA.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnologyDr.Amlan ChkrabortyPatterning Micro-channels for micro-fluidics application and preparing nano particle arrays using electron beam and ion beam lithography on electron beam sensitive resist
3Moumita ChakrabortyA.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnologyDr.Amlan ChkrabortyPower Distribution Network (PDN) in multi-core design
4Satyabrata MaityA.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnologyDr.Amlan ChkrabortyMulti-view motion tracking and motion detection and object registration using multiple cameras
5Chandrajit PalA.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnologyDr.Amlan ChkrabortyHigh performance System-On-Chip embedded system development for multimedia algorithms
6Samun SauA.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnologyDr.Amlan ChkrabortyReconfigurable Hardware Design for Bio-medical Data Acquisition and communciation
7Saptarshi GoswamiA.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnologyDr.Amlan ChkrabortyHybrid Feature selection techniques based on Evolutionary and Parallel algorithms for Social ,text and time series data
8Souvik GhoshApplied Optics & PhotonicsDr.Rajib ChakrabortyStudies and generation, propagation and reflection of surface acoustic wave (SAW) in lithium niobate substrate
9Ranjit DasApplied Optics & PhotonicsDr.Rajib ChakrabortyFabrication of optical data storage and data retrieval system based on lithium niobate
10Bhayye sagar SantaramChemical TechnologyDr.Achinta SahaDesign and optimization of enzyme inhibitiors Associated with Parkinson's disease : Chemoinformatics apporaches
11Md.Farooque AbdullahChemical TechnologyProf.Arup MukherjeeNewer biomaterial nano conjugates for imaging and biomedical device application
12Paromita DasChemical TechnologyDr.Sunanda MukhapadhyayEvaluation of refactory performance of castables containing calcium aluminate sol-gel coating on graphite
13Plaban BhatacharyaChemical TechnologyDr.Achinta SahaPharmacometabolomics profiling of herbal contraceptive
14Helen ChattopadhyayChemical TechnologyDr.Sriparna DuttaAnalytical method development for non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs)
15Munna BhattacharyaChemical TechnologyProf.Dipa BiswasBioremediation of waste petroleum contaminated soil in large scale bioreactor system
16Asim HalderChemical TechnologyProf.Arup MukherjeeDesign and development of nanoparticle drug delivery system for betulinic acid
17Argha DeyChemical EngineeringDr.Sampa ChakrabartyBenefical use of chrome iron sludge
18Chandraima ChoudhuryChemical EngineeringDr.Amitava BandyopadhyayAdsorptive removal of crystal violet and Cr(VI) either alone or in combination from waste water in a tapered bed
19Biswanath BiswasChemical EngineeringDr.Asit Baran BiswasProduction of bio-ethanol from water hyacinth & duckweed
20Shweta GangulaChemical EngineeringDr.Sampa ChakrabartySonochemical synthesis and characterization of the metal-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles
21Mithu NaskarChemical EngineeringDr.Debasish SarkarPerformance characteristics of intermshed spining basket membrance (ISBM)module in ultrafiltraction of protein feedstock
22Madhurima RayComputer Science Of EngineeringDr.S.ChoudhuriTrend Tracking System for Medical Data in Indian Perspective
23Mainak SenComputer Science Of EngineeringDr.N.ChakiScurity issue for oldaged people
24Sayantani SenguptaComputer Science Of EngineeringProf.S.SetuaMovement Tracking of an Object using Motion Capture Technology
25Ankita SahaComputer Science Of EngineeringProf.S.SetuaContent Management
26Anish MukherjeeComputer Science Of EngineeringDr.Pritha BanerjeeFPGA Implementation of LISSOM Model of the Visual Cortex
27Ayan DeyPolymer Science &TechnologyProf.Debabrata ChakrabortyDevelopment of glucose responsive delivery vehicle based on gymnemic acid for transdermal application
28Ms.Suprana SahaPolymer Science &TechnologyProf. Priyabrata SarkarDevelopment of an electro-conductive hydrogel for control drug release
29Ms.Sudesna DattaPolymer Science &TechnologyProf. Priyabrata SarkarDevelopment of electrochemical sensor for dopamine based on tyrosinase immobilized in silver nano coated in eggshell membrane
30Gunjan SarkarPolymer Science &TechnologyDr.Dipankar ChattapadhyayCarbon based chemotherapeutic drug carrier with dual-targeting function
31Indranil RoyPolymer Science &TechnologyDr.Dipankar ChattapadhyayGraphene and its derivatives in cancer theraphy
32Rabin BeraPolymer Science &TechnologyProf.Debabrata ChakrabortyModification of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) gel for wide bio-medical application
33Aditi BhattacharyyaPolymer Science &TechnologyProf.P.P.KunduDevelopment of polyurethane vehicle based on poly ethylene terephthaalate (PET) waste for controlled protein drug delivery
34Piyasi MukhopadhyayPolymer Science &TechnologyProf.P.P.KunduDevelopment of Highly efficient and low cost biocompatible polymeric nanoparticles for oral insulin delivery
35Arindam GiriPolymer Science &TechnologyProf.Debabrata ChakrabortyCatering acrylic acid grafted guar gum-multiwalled carbon nanotube based hydrophobic hydrogel for sustained transedermal delivery of diclofenac sodium
36Sabina YeasminPolymer Science &TechnologyDr.Abhijit BandyopadhyayECO benign synthesis, characterization and biomedical applications of silver nanoparticles
37Mousumi Ghosh & Aparna DasRadio Physics & ElectronicsDr.Pritha Banerjee & Dr.Soumya PanditHotspot dection and analysis of FPGA Power
38Krishnendu Sekhar PaulRadio Physics & ElectronicsDr.A.PalObservation and measurement of transmitter-receiver characteristics using Digital Storage Oscilloscope
39Rohit ChakrabortyRadio Physics & ElectronicsDr.Saurabh DasCalibration of satellite signal at Ku band
40Sadhindu Bikash MondalA.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnologyNAPrecision Agriculture using wireless Sensor Network Testbed
41Dr.Ajay GhoshApplied Optics & PhotonicsNAMueller imaging: A novel tool to observe state of polarization
42Dr.Kallol BhattacharyaApplied Optics & PhotonicsNADevelopment of a single shot 3D measurement interferometer
43Dr.Uttam RoychowdhuriChemical TechnologyNAStudy on protein bio-marker for advance cancer detection
44Dr.Mahua GhoshChemical TechnologyNAPreparation of functional food ingredient from de-oiled mustard seed (meal)
45Dr.Sunanda MukhopadhyayChemical TechnologyNASynthesis and characterization of non-structured inorganic oxide based coatings on graphite for application in monolithic refractory ceramics
46Dr.Sudip Kumar DasChemical EngineeringNAFluidization using non-netonian liquids
47Dr.Sampa ChakrabartyChemical EngineeringNAInfluence of precursor compistion and temperature on the characteristics of sonochemically synthesized iron-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles
48Dr.Asit Baran BiswasChemical EngineeringNAFluoride removal from drinking water by adsorption process using low cost adsorbent
49Sri Bhaskar Ch. DasChemical EngineeringNAMicrobial treatment of effluent from dye industry
50Dr.Debasish SarkarChemical EngineeringNAQuantifying morphological alteration of RBC Population
51Dr.Pritha BanerjeeComputer Science Of EngineeringNAPower Aware FPGA placement and routing
52Dr.Abhijit BandyopadhyayPolymer Science &TechnologyNADevelopment of poly(ethylene-co-octene) Based light weight cable insulation compounds for automobile industries
53Dr.Dipankar ChattapadhyayPolymer Science &TechnologyNADevelopment of an experimental set-up for measuring electrical and thermal conductivity of nano-particle disbursed liquids
54Prof.Priya brata SarkarPolymer Science &TechnologyNAViability of poultry isolate PSEUDOMONOS sp BT302 in microbial fuel cell
55Dr.Abhirup Das BarmanRadio Physics & ElectronicsNATo Build a Small Radar System Capable of Remote Sensing imaging
56Prof.Animesh MaitraRadio Physics & ElectronicsNAStudy of Aerosol structures in Kolkata
57Dr.Saurabh DasRadio Physics & ElectronicsNARain attenuation studies in relation to satellite communication
58Dr.Anirban BhattacharyaRadio Physics & ElectronicsNAFabrication of Micro Electro Mechanical and Microfluidic Devices
59Dr.Soumya PanditRadio Physics & ElectronicsNADevice-circuit Co-design AND Integration of Device CAD and Circuit CAD for the study of Nano-scale MOS Transistors for Low Power SoC Applications