Student Development Program

Student Upgradation programme
Sl NoDepartment NameName of the courseCoordinatorDurationBenefeciariesClass no
1A.K. Chowdhury School of I.TRemedial classes for programming knowledge upgradation (PhP)11th April - 2nd June, 201425
2Chemical EngineeringTransport processes in heat and mass trasfer equipmentsDr. Debasish sarkar & Dr. Sampa chakraborti6th February-20th February, 20144530(1 hr each)
3Chemical TechnologyRemedial classes16th-26th April,20144011 (2 hrs each)
4Computer Science & EngineeringTraining programme for finishing school in collaboration with IXIA Technologies Pvt Ltd (Networking technologies-an Industry View)Dr. S.K. Setua13th Nov, 2013 to 10th Jan, 20142514 (2 hr each)
5Computer Science & EngineeringRemedial classes for non computer science students from undergraduate3rd September, 2013 onwards for 16 days (3 days/wk)1524