Sub Component 1.2.1 (COE)


Sl. No.
Department Name
Equipment Name
1CoE LabDesktop Computers with UPS (16)
2A.K.C.S.I.T.Matlab software
3OfficeLaser printer, FLAT BED PRINTER (1+1)
4Electronic ScienceSource measuring unit
5Electronic ScienceHot plate
6Electronic ScienceMass flow controller
7Applied Optics and PhotonicsScientific CCD with frame grabber
8Electronic ScienceRTA
10Electronic ScienceLaminar flow system
11Biochemistry, Biophyiscs and Molecular BiologyUltra sonic bath
12Applied Optics and PhotonicsOptical table with active vibration isolation and low noise compressor
14Computer Science and A.K. C. S. I. T.Server node(1), Computing device(2), Storage device(1)
15A.K.C.S.I.T.Networking Software for the server(1), 24 port managed switch(1), KVM switch with cables
16Electronic ScienceTube furnance
17Electronic ScienceSpin coater
18Electronic ScienceE_beam deposition
19OfficeCivil works
20CoE LabElectrical works
21Applied Optics and PhotonicsLive cell imaging incubator
22CoE LabAir Conditioning System (5)
23CoE LabFurniture
24Biochemistry, Biophyiscs and Molecular BiologyPlant growth chamber
25Biochemistry, Biophyiscs and Molecular BiologyQuartz Cuvet Pair
26Biochemistry, Biophyiscs and Molecular BiologyWater-bath
28Biochemistry, Biophyiscs and Molecular BiologyUltrafreezer (-80)
29Biochemistry, Biophyiscs and Molecular BiologyVoltage Stabiliser
30Applied Optics and PhotonicsPhantoms
31Applied Optics and PhotonicsOptical Hardware
32Applied Optics and PhotonicsHigh Speed Scanning Laser
33Applied Optics and PhotonicsInterferometer Unit
Applied Optics and PhotonicsOptical and digital Image acquisition, processing and Control unit.
34A.K.C.S.I.T.CST Studio Suite
35Computer ScienceStastistica Software
36Biomedical Instrumentation Lab.Air Conditioning System
37Biomedical Instrumentation Lab.Furniture
38Electronic ScienceContact Angle Measuring Systems
39CoE LabLaptop
40Biomedical Instrumentation Lab.Air Conditioning System with Accessories
41BiochemistryDogma Kit
42BiochemistryInterdigitated Gold Electrode,Interdigitated Platnum Electrode, Cable Connector for Interdigitated Electrodes,Screen printed Platinum Electrod, Cable connector for screen printed electrods