Sub Component 1.3

Procurement Details
Sl NoDepartment NameInstrument name
1aAKCSITEmbedded OS, FPGA Kit
1bAKCSITEmbedded OS
2AKCSITQualnet network simulator
3AKCSITEmbedded Vision System
4AKCSITVision laboratory software
6AKCSITRFID Trainer kit
Datamining software
8AKCSITComputing Nodes, Servers
9Applied OpticsCrystals for Higher Harmonic Generation
10Applied OpticsSplicing Machine
11Applied Opticsoptical detector
12Applied OpticsServer with LAN accessories
13Applied OpticsOptical Source
14Applied OpticsNd:YAG Laser
15Applied OpticsDiode pumped solidstate laser
16aApplied OpticsMotorized translation stage
16bApplied Optics25 mm lens kit with VIS-NIR coating
16cApplied OpticsNanopositioning Piezo actuator with USB Controller
16dApplied OpticsLinear Glass Polarizing filter
16eApplied OpticsStandard Polarized Stress tester
16fApplied OpticsTravel, Solid-Top Ball Bearing Stage
17Applied OpticsImage Processing Software
18Applied OpticsFDTD Software
19Applied OpticsAbbe Refractometer
20Applied PhysicsCoupled tank-nonlinear process
21Applied PhysicsHeat flow process
22Applied PhysicsRotary Servo Family Package
23Applied PhysicsThree DOF Crane
24Chem. TechMicro Balance
25Chem. TechLovibond Tinto Meter
26aChem. TechDNA Gel electrophoresis
26bChem. TechLyophilizer
27Chem. TechSemi automatic grinding and polishing machine
28Chem. TechUV-VIS Spectrophotometer with specular reflectance facilities, Gas Chromatography
29Chem. EngineeringCloud and pour pont apparatus, distillation apparatus, demulsification apparatyus, kinometric vicometer, flash point apparatus etc
30Chem. EngineeringCompound microscope with camera,deep freezer, colony counter, BOD, Gel electrophoresis, lyophilizer etc.
31Chem. EngineeringFT IR
32Chem. EngineeringParticle Size Analyzer
33CentralClassroom furnitures
34CentralClassroom furnitures
35CentralClassroom furnitures
36CentralLaboratory and classroom Furnitures
37CentralHV generator for XRD
38CentralMIS software for Institution
39CentralPrinters, Computers,Switch
40CentralUPS Battery for XRD
41CentralNote Book, Computing machine
42CentralSpringer E-Books for 2009, 2010 & 2011: Engineering stream
43Computer ScienceVLSI Software
44Computer ScienceWireless projector,wired projector, Interactive pen display,for smart classroom
45Computer Sciencewireless projector, wired projector, interactive pen display for smart classroom
46Computer ScienceUniversal communication board with integrated software
47Computer ScienceSensor and data acquisition board, WSN Nodes
48Computer ScienceComputing Nodes, Servers, Switch Routers, Cable Accessories for Networking
49Polymer Science & TechnologyDynamic Mechanical Analyzer
50Polymer Science & TechnologyTwo Roll Mill
51Polymer Science & TechnologyExtrusion blow moulding
52Polymer Science & TechnologyMoving Die rheometer
53Radiophysics & ElectronicsSpectrum Analyzer, LXI Data Acquisition Switch, 20 Channel Multiplexer
54Radiophysics & ElectronicsData Acquisition System, LCD TV, Data Acquisition Storage computer
55Radiophysics & ElectronicsBlade Server for existing IBM Blade Centre S Chesis
56Radiophysics & ElectronicsThin Film deposition system
57Radiophysics & ElectronicsNanovoltmeter, Constant current source
58Radiophysics & Electronicsc zendar 10 Ghz modulator with connector, Mc Zendar drver (RF Signal Generator and wave form generator),DC Power Supplies for Mc zendar modulator
59Radiophysics & ElectronicsComputer Server, Power Backup,Workstations
60Radiophysics & ElectronicsSignal Processing Analysis and measurement system, Online Power Backup System
61Radiophysics & ElectronicsServer with storage array
62Radiophysics & ElectronicsComputing Nodes