Teaching Staff

Sl No
Dept Name
Persons Name
Conference/ Seminer/Trainning Programme /Workshop to be attended
Title of the programme
Paper name
Venue of the Conference
Duration of the Conference
Visit type
1A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgySoharab Hossain ShaikhConferenceTrainning at the collaborator site at AGH University of science & technology and attend the conference CISIM 2013Bengali printed character recognition-A new approachKrakow, PolandKrakow, Poland23rd september- 25th October, 2013International
2A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgySoumya SenConferenceIEEE International conference on industrial technologyMaterialized view replacement using Markov's analysisBusan, South Korea26th Feb-1st March, 2014International
3A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgySudhindu Bikash MandalSymposium44 th IEEE International Symposium on ISMVL 2014,AGRA,University of Bremen,GermanySynthesis of Ternary Grover'sAlgorithmBremen,Germany18th-23rd May 2014International
4A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgySoumya SenTo attend computer information System and Industrial Management Applications(CISIM)13th International Conference on Computer Information System and Industrial Management ApplicationsMeterialised view construction based on Clustering TechniquesHo Chi Minh City ,Vietnam5th- 10 th November,2014International
5Applied Optics & PhotonicsKallol BhattacharyaConferenceInternational symposium on optometric technologies ISOT 2013Contributory paper: Modified mireau objective for laser interferometry, Invited talk: Full filed measurement of optical birefringence using phase shifting interferometrySouth korea, Jeju IslandSouth korea, Jeju Island26th October-3rd November, 2013International
6Applied Optics and PhotonicsRajib ChakrabartiConferenceSPIE optics and photonicsFocus on International visit on improving the quality of teaching and research of an Institute.Plan to the applicant for sharing the gained information with fellow faculty membersSan Diego,convention centre,San Diego,California,USA17th-21st August,2014International
7Applied PhysicsSumana ChowdhuriConferenceConference on Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics(ICINCO 2014)Multiobjective Optimisation by PSO for Switched Reluctance Motor(SRM) DriveVienna,Austria31st August-3rd September 2014International
8Chemical EngineeringSampa ChakrabortiConference5th International conference on Environmental Science and Development-ICESD 2014Presentation Reduction of hexavalent chromium present in waste water by steel wool in a continous flow systemSignaporeSingapore19th-21st February, 2014International
9Chemical EngineeringAmitabha BandopadhyayConferenceCHEMCON,2014Hydro Dynamics and Adsorptive removal of Mithyline Blue in a trapped bubble columnChandigarh Regional Centre,IIChE27th-30th December, 2014National
10Chemical TechnologyArup MukherjeeInvited talkCINDEFI, Unversidal Naeional de la PlataBuenos Aires, ArgentinaBuenos Aires, Argentina23rd Feb- 2nd March, 2013International
11Chemical TechnologyAchinta SahaTo Atend International Conference for Delivering Invited Lecture3rd International Conference on " Medicinal Chemistry" and Computer Aided Drug DesigningCollaborative Research and Introduction of Molecular Modeling Concept in PG level of Pharmaceutical technologyDhaka University, Bangladesh1st July-20th December,2013International
12Computer science & EngineeringNabendu ChakiInvited talk in CERT,Siemens,Munich,GermanySecond open EIT Lct Lab workshop on Smart Grid security,Co-located with the Int Symp on Eng Secure Software and Systems A new Intrution Detection Mechanism for protecting Smart Grid from ICMPv6 VulnerabilitiesSiemense,Munich,Germany25th Feb-2nd March 2014International
13Computer science & engineeringFaculty & scholarFaculty & scholar meet with Prof. Khalid Saeed, AGH university, PolandUniversity of Calcutta24th December- 3rd January, 2014International
14Computer Science & EngineeringSanjit SetuaConference3rd International Conference on Computer System and Network Technology (ICCSNT-2013) Dalian Jiaotong UniversityCooperation network intrusion deletion system in mobile Ad Hoc based on DSR protocol and a multidimentional secured network modelDalian, ChinaDalian, China12th-13th October, 2013International
15Computer Science & EngineeringNabendu ChakiConference12th International conference on computer information system and industrial management application (CISIM)Computer information system and industrial management applicationKrakow, PolandKrakow, Poland24th -30th September, 2013International
16Computer Science & EngineeringRajib kumar DasInternational ConferenceIEEE ISSNIP 2014Paper presentation: Finding the maximum lifetime data gathering tree for sensor networkSingaporeSingapore21st-24th April, 2014International
17Computer Science & EngineeringSankhayan ChoudhuryConferenceIEEE International conference on industrial technologyA graph based meta model for speedup service composition of webBusan, South Korea26th February-1st March, 2014International
18Computer Science & EngineeringSanjit setuaInternational Conference5th International Conference on Intelligent Systems,Modelling and Simulation (ISMS) 2014Color Immage representation using MultivectorLangkwai, Malaysia25th Jan-31st Jan,2014International
19Computer Science & EngineeringKashinath DeyPaper Presentation, Study and Network TourIEEE Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES), SoceityFocus on International visit on improving the Quality of teaching and Research (Or the Institutional effectiveness) of an InstitutionMiri, Malaysia7th- 12th December, 2014International
20Computer Science & EngineeringSankhayan ChoudhuryInternational Conference International Conference on Computer Information System and Industrial Management Applications(CISIM),2014Agent Based context Management for Service orienrted ManagementTon Duc Thang University,Vietnam5th- 10 th November,2014International
21Radiophysics & ElectronicsAnimesh MaitraSymposiumURSI commission of microwave signature symposium 2013Radar and radiometric studies of rain structure at a tropical location, Precursors of convective activity using ground based microwave radiometerHelsinki,FinlandHelsinki,Finland26th October-2nd November, 2013International
22Radiophysics & ElectronicsSubal KarConferenceSAI Conference 2013Simulation based characterization of negetive permiability plasmonic structure at X bandThistle londonThistle, London7th-9th October, 2013International
23Radiophysics & ElectronicsDebotosh Guhai)Symposium 2014-to present research papers in IEEEAP,ii)To explore possibilities of introducing Terahertz research in India with some support from Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL)of NASA,iii)To explore collaborative research with the Antenna group of San Diego State University,2014-IEEE,International Symposium of Antennas and Propagation Memphis,Tennessee,USAStrip Fed Shoped Diabectric Resonater Antenna for improved Rediation Characteristics through Mode Filterning.Resonance Gain Antenna using fully Reflecting Surface(FRS)New Boundary Condition to RealiseWidebond High Gain Operation microstrip Line(s) as New Feed for Exciting a SylindricalDRA with Higher order HEM 128 ModeTennessee, USA6th - 11th July,2014International
24Radiophysics & ElectronicsAbhirup Das BarmanTo present 2 papers in the Internatioal Conferenceimproved Performance of Colour Shift Kyoing using Voronoi Segmentation for Indoor ,communication,An Overlay Cognitive Radio model Expliting the Polarization Diversity and Relay CooperationPalma De Mallorca,Spain1st sept-4th sept 2014International
25Radiophysics & ElectronicsSubal KarTo Present research Paper in International Conference on Electronics and Material Physics(ICEMP)organised by World Academy of Technology and Science(WASET)Advances with Metamaterial ResearchZurich,Swithzerland29th july -5th August 2014International
26Radiophysics & ElectronicsAshik PaulXXXIth URSI,General Assembly (URSI GASS 2014)i)Frequency Diversity Techniques applied to GNSS under Adverse Ionospheric conditions,ii)performance Analysis of Artificial Neural Network based TEC Models at Different Longitudes in the Low Latitude RegionBeijing,Chaina17th Aug -23th Aug 2014International
27Radiophysics & ElectronicsAnimesh MaitraSymposiumURSI GASS 2014General Information about URSI GASS 2014Bejing,China16th-23th August,2014International
28Radiophysics & ElectronicsSarbani RayPaper PresentationPaper presentationScintillation effects related to propagation Geometry as applicable to Indian SBASBeijing,Chaina16th-23th August,2014International
29A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgyAmlan ChakrabortyInternational ConferenceInternational conference on information systems security (ICISS,2012)Crypto hardware design for embedded applicationsIIT, Guwahati16-17th dec,2012National
30A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgySoharab Hossain ShaikhInternational ConferenceInternational Conference on Signal Processing and Integreted Network(SPIN)Gait Recognition using Partial Silhouette- Based aproachNoida , Uttar Pradesh, India19th-21st February, 2014National
31A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgySoumya SenConference3rd International conference on computer, communication, control and information technologyAn integrated approach to deploy data warehouse in business intelligence environmentAcademy of technology, adi saptagram7th Feb-8th February, 2015National
32Applied optics and photonicsRajib ChakrabortyMeetingMeeting on Silicon PhotonicsSilicon Photonics Devices:Physics,Technology and ApplicationsIIT Madras26th-27th July,2014National
33Applied PhysicsAnish DebConferenceINDICOM,2012 Innovations in social and humanitarian engineeringComputation of convolution via a new set of C hybrid Functions (HF) for linear control system analysis and identificationKochi07-9th December, 2012National
34Applied PhysicsSunit Kumar SenInternational ConferenceAdvanced Computing & Communication (ICACC-2013)A multimaximal multi time period pPseudorandom bit sequence (PRBS) generatorRanchi, Jharkhand16-17TH March,2013National
35Applied PhysicsJitendranath BeraInternational ConferenceIEEE International conference ICPEN 2012 on Power and energyA state of the art PMU based monitoring system with intelligent electronic device using microcontrollerNERIST, Arunachal Pradesh28-29 th December,2012National
36Chemical EngineeringSekhar BhattacharjeeWorkshopApplication of process simulator in chemical engineeringIIT, Madras26th- 30th november,2012National
37Chemical EngineeringAmitava BandopadhyaySymposiumChemcon, 2013Safety management in using NH3 as refrigerent in the opeartion of Ice manufacturing plants in India: Assessment of current practice and policy recommandations for both environmental managementMumbai27th-30th December, 2013National
38Chemical EngineeringAsim k DeConferenceIndian Chemical Engineering Congress, CHEMCON-2014Adsorptive removal of methylene blue onto Zinc chloride treated rice husk ashDr. S s Bhatnagar university institute of chemical engineering & technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh27-30th December, 2014National
39Chemical EngineeringAmitava Bandopadhyaychairing in the session in SymposiumChemcon, 2014Dr. S s Bhatnagar university institute of chemical engineering & technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh27th-30th December, 2014National
40Chemical TechnologyArup MukherjeeConferenceFRI, DehradunInvited talk: Ferromagnetic gaur films for elimination of endocrine disruption chemicals and organic dyes in waterDehradun20th-22nd January, 2014National
41Chemical TechnologyArup MukherjeeWorkshopIndo-indian workshop on biotechnologyBiomaterial film for soluble organic sorption and anti-microbial activity in water environmentPunjub university, Patiala & Chandigarh20th-28th november,2012National
42Chemical TechnologyArup MukherjeeInvited talk and networking programmePlant drug nanomedicinesBuenos Aires, ArgentinaAnnamalai University23rd - 24th December , 2013National
43Computer science & engineering10 Faculties & 1 staffIBM Rational application Developer & IBM Smartcloud University of Calcutta21st-24th July, 2014National
44Computer Science & EngineeringBanani sahaFrontier's in Intelligent Computing, theory and applications (FICTA),2014Data Mining, Data Fusion and Immage ProcessingBhubaneswar Engineering College, Bhubaneswar, Odisha13th-15th November,2014National
45Computer science & engineeringRajib Kumar DasConferenceIEEE ANTS 2015Maximum lifetime scheduling for area coverage in wireless sensor networks, Target coverage using a collaborative platform for sensor cloudISI-Kolkata15th-18th December, 2015National
46Computer Science and EngineeringNabendu ChakiInternational ConferenceDistributed Computing and Internet Technology (ICDCIT 2013)Design of a new OFTM Algorithm towards Abort-free executionKIIT, Bhubaneswar, Orissa04-08th February, 2013National
47Computer Science and EngineeringSankhayan ChoudhuryConferenceInternational conference on advances in computing, communication and controlTruval: Trusted vehicle authentication logic for VANETFather C. Rodrigues college of engineering, bandra, Mumbai18th-19th January,2013National
48Polymer Science and TechnologyAvijit BandopadhyayConferenceInternational Conference and exhibition(IRE 2013)Engage-EVA double network hybrid as exciting new compatibilizer in Engage-nanoclay compositeMumbai24th-25th january,2013National
49Polymer Science and TechnologyDipankar ChattapadhyayConferenceInternational Conference and exhibition(IRE 2013)A new additive system for Poly (ethylene co-octane) Elastomer nanocompositesMumbai24th-25th january,2013National
50A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgyAmlan ChakrabartiInternational Conference29th International conference on VLSI Design and 15th International Conference on embedded systemsError resilient secure multi-gigabit optical link desin for high energy physics experimentKolkata4th-6th january,2016International
51Computer Science and EngineeringSanjit SetuaInternational Conference4th International conference on computer science and network technologySmart fluid agent based intrusion detection systemHarbin, China18th-25th December,2016International
52Polymer Science and TechnologyDipankar ChattapadhyayInternational ConferenceRubbercon 2015Shellac as multifunctional additive in a truck tyre sidewall compoundChennai1st-3rd March, 2016National
Polymer Science and TechnologyAvijit BandopadhyayInternational ConferenceRubbercon 2015Development of a new silica rich material from waste fly ash and its application as filler in rubber compoundsChennai1st-3rd March, 2016National
A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgySourav GhoshInternational Conference2nd IEEE International Conference on advances in electrical, electronics, information, communication and bio-informaticsA dominating set based modified leach using ant colony optimization for data gathering in WSNPrathyusha engineering college, Chennai27th-28th February, 2016National
52Polymer Science and TechnologyPriyabrata SarkarInternational Conference5th International Conference on advances in applied science and environmental engineeringElectrochemical detection of arsenic (III) by polemer modified electrodesHotel G Tower, Kualalumpur, Malayasia12th-13th March, 2016International
53Polymer Science and TechnologyPriyabrata SarkarInternational Conference International Conference on multifunctional, hybrid and nanomaterialsA new biosensor of uric acid using electro-activated uricase with ferrocene on Nafion coated glassy carbon electrodeHotel G Tower, Kualalumpur, Malayasia9th-13th March, 2015International
54Computer Science and EngineeringSankhayan ChoudhuryInternational ConferenceInternational Conference on COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS and INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONSInformation Density Based Image Binarization for Text Document Containing GraphicsThe Faculty of Economics and Informatics in Vilnius, University of Bia?ystok12th-17th September, 2016International
55Chemical technologyMahua GhoshAnnual Meeting107th
56Radiophysics & ElectronicsAbhirup DasbarmanInternational Conference16th International conference on Numerical simulatiion of optoelectronic devicesAdaptive pre-compensation of LEDs for improved decoding of N-CSK in visible light communicationUniversity of sydney, Australia11th-115th July, 2016International
56Computer Science and EngineeringNabendu ChakiInternational ConferenceInternationalc onference on software engineering and knowledge engineeringContext and trust aware workflow oriented access frameworkSan fransisco, USA30th June-8th July, 2016International
57Radiophysics & ElectronicsAnimesh MaitraInternational ConferenceURSI Asia-Pacific radioscience conferencePrediction of convective rain fall using multi tecnique observationsSeol, South korea20th-26th August, 2016International
58Chemical EngineeringSudip kumar dasInternational Conference16th Asian chemical congressCr (VI) removal from aqueous solution using rubber leaf and ANN modelingDhaka, Bangladesh15th-22nd March, 2016International
59A.K.Choudhury School of Information TechnolgySoumya SenInternational Conference17th IEEE international conference on Industrial technology (ICIT)ROLAP based data warehouse schema to XML Schema conversionNational Taiwan University, Taiwan13th-18th March, 2016International
60Computer Science and EngineeringNabendu ChakiInternational Conference9th Asian conference on Intelligent information and database systemsMeasuring the effectiveness of knowledge driven web applicationsSan fransisco, USAKaga, Japan3rd April-5th april, 2016International
61Computer Science and EngineeringSunirmal KhatuaInternational Conference13th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology (ICDCIT-2017)A Novel Pediction based VM Migration Scheme in Cloud ComputingKIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India13th -16th ,2017National
62Chemical TechnologyMd. Farooque AbdullahInternational ConferenceCARBO XXXI International ConferenceNew Frontiers in Carbohydrate Chemistry and BiologyThe University Conference Centre,University of Delhi14th-16th nov,2016New Frontiers in Carbohydrate Chemistry and BiologyNational
63Chemical TechnologyArup MukherjeeInternational ConferenceCARBO XXXI International ConferenceNew Frontiers in Carbohydrate Chemistry and BiologyThe University Conference Centre,University of Delhi14th-16th nov,2016National
64Applied Optics & PhotonicsRajib ChakrabortyInternational ConferenceLight and Light Based Technologies (ICLLT)Light and Light Based Technologies (ICLLT)Tezpur University, Assam26th-28th nov,2016National

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